Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is hazard? How would you define vulnerability? What is Risk? What is disaster risk? What is disaster? What is disaster prevention? What does disaster mitigation mean? What is disaster preparedness? What is resilience? What is Disaster Management? What emergency supplies do I need to face a disaster event? Whom to contact for emergency response? What is the provision of disaster relief? What is a thunderstorm? What is the audible range of thunderstorm? What is a thunder cloud? Is lightning associated with every thunderstorm? Why is the lightning produced? How dangerous is lightning? What are the types of lightning? What are negative and positive cloud to ground (CG) lightning? How do I recognize that a thunderstorm is approaching my location? When do I need to take action to protect myself? Can I calculate approximate distance of origin of lightning and thunder from myself? Why do I need to protect myself when a thundercloud is far away from my location? Where is lightning more likely to strike? What is a “bolt from the blue”? How does a cloud form? Is thunder cloud dangerous? Are all thunderstorms equally dangerous? Which season is more favourable for severe thunderstorms? In addition to actually seeing them, what instruments detect thunderstorms? What is the height of the thunder cloud? Do thunderclouds affect aircraft movement? What are various stages of thunderstorm life cycle. Which stage of the thunder cloud is dangerous? What are various types of thunderstorms? What is the life time of the thunderstorm? What is the spatial extent of thunderstorm? What is a hailstorm? How does hail form? Do all thunderclouds contain hail particles? Why are strong winds associated with a thunder cloud? What is a squall? What is a tornado? What is a waterspout? Can frogs or small fishes or water creatures come down with rain? Do tornadoes occur in India? In what kind of clouds do tornadoes occur? Why house roofs are blown during severe wind storm like tornado? What is a dust storm? Is there any other reason for duststorm: Is there any standard scale to estimate wind speeds based on associated effects? What are the damages expected from strong winds associated with thunderstorms? Can we avoid lightning strike to our house or any other premises. How lightning arrester works? Can lightning be detected using some instrument? How can I save myself from lightning? What should I do if struck outside in open? What is the lightning crouch position? Can I take shelter under the tree during thunder & lightning? What precaution should I take at home during such weather? What should I do if travelling in a vehicle? Do rubber-soled shoes and car tyres offer protection from lightning. How can I get thunderstorm or lightning alerts? What are colour coded warnings for thunderstorm nowcast? Can I get thunderstorm and lightning forecast for next 2-3 or more days? How can I contribute to weather services in India?

What is hazard?

Hazard is a dangerous phenomenon, substance, human activity or condition that may cause loss of life, injury or other health impacts, property damage, loss of livelihoods and services, social and economic disruption, or environmental damage.