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       A Citizen's Charter represents the commitment of the Organisation towards standard, quality and time frame of service delivery, grievance redress mechanism, transparency and accountability. 

         Department of Revenue(Scarcity) Department, Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh, in its efforts to provide more responsive and citizen-friendly governance coordinates the efforts to formulate and operationalise Citizen's Charters.

       One Control Room has been stablished.

Control Room Fax No 2238084
Lucknow 1070
Other District 1077
Medical, fire and police emergency 108
Police 100
Fir 101
Financial help for Disaster effected citizen
  Role of NGO's In Disaster Management
   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
   Earthquake Safety Tips
   Flood Safety Tips
   Do's and Don'ts after flood
   Fire Safety Tips

Citizen's Charters in Government of India

  Role of NGO's In Disaster Management
   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Please dial toll free 108 number for medical, fire and police emergency. No local code is required to do so. You can also dial the district disaster control room i.e. toll free 1077 number by adding the district code. Alternative 100 number for police and 101 for fire can be dialed.